Smoke-proof glass doors and portals

Smoke-proof glass doors and portals

Coolfire - Sapa 50 Smoke-proof glass doors and modules (Sa,Sm)

Coolfire - Sapa 50 Smoke-proof glass doors and modules (Sa,Sm)



The primary function of the smoke and/or fire-rated doors is to protect life and property, and their maintenance is obligatory. In this regard, the Országos Tűzvédelmi Szabályzat (OTSZ) (National Fire Protection Regulations) and the Tűzvédelmi Műszaki Irányelvek (TvMI) (Fire Protection Technical Guidelines) published by the Országos Katasztrófavédelmi Főigazgatóság (OKF) (National Directorate General for Disaster Management) provide recommendations.
Product* Maximum size
Coolfire Sapa 50 single leaf smoke proof door 1300 x 2475 mm / 2,9 m²
Coolfire Sapa 50 double leaf smoke proof door 2590 x 2475 mm / 5,56 m²
Coolfire Sapa 50 smoke proof module system 3220 x 3220 mm / Multiple modules can be joined together


Certified Performance Ratings

  • Smoke proof: Sa/Sm
  • Reaction to fire: A2
  • Long Term use:100.000 cycles
  • Sound attenuation : Without Sound attenuation / Medium sound attenuation*
  • *=depending on the glazing and the type of insert, TBD upon specific use case



They can be used in public buildings, hospitals, office buildings, residential buildings, where the Sa, Sm smoke resistance is required. It can only be used indoors. It is Class 4 mechanical resistance, which means it is highly resistant, highly durable, highly impact resistant.


Manufactured custom sized single leaf or double leaf doors with side and skylight, fixed glass wall, powder-coated to the desired RAL colour

Profile structure:

  • Sapa 2050 type, the door system is based around aluminium profiles with a section depth of 50 mm, with gasket
  • RAL powder coating, wood effect surface finishing or unique powder coating.


  • Clear, tempered or glued safety glazing (minimum 6mm ESG or 33.1 VSG)
  • Clear, sound attenuation or enhanced safety glazing (available upon request)
  • Powder coated fire insulation panel with a depth of 6-33mm


Lock mechanisms / Mortice locks:

  • Single point system
  • Multi point system
  • Electric Lock
  • Panic Lock

Door handles:

  • Stainless handle, doorknob designed for long-term everyday use.
  • Certified panic bar or panic latch
  • Handle
  • Can be used with access control systems, electronic lock and magnetic door holder.

Other accessories:

  • Hydraulic door closer
  • Aesthetically pleasing closing order control system
  • Automatic open-close system
  • Magnetic door holder (can be integrated into the door closers)
  • Automatically closing on fixed leaf
  • Fixed or Automatic threshold

Suitable wall structures / building construction:

Brick/ concrete/ Aerated concrete/ Mounted plasterboard wall structure / Sandwich-structured composite (some cases require prior consultation)


  • Baross Primary School- Smoke proof glass door Coolfire-Sapa 50
  • Hungarian Heritage House / Budai Vigadó - Smoke proof glass door Coolfire-Sapa 50
  • Police of Hajdúnánás Smoke proof glass door Coolfire-Sapa 50
  • Ózd Manda Blower Engine Room Smoke proof glass door Coolfire-Sapa 50
  • Hilton Budapest Smoke proof glass door Coolfire-Sapa 50
  • Szépművészeti Múzeum / Museum of Fine Arts Smoke proof glass door Coolfire-Sapa 50
  • Budapest V43 - Smoke proof glass door and portals Coolfire-Sapa 50
  • Ózd Manda Blower Engine Room Smoke proof glass door Coolfire-Sapa 50

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5020 smoke-proof glass door vertical section5020 smoke-proof glass door vertical section

5020 smoke-proof glass door horizontal section5020 smoke-proof glass door horizontal section



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