Fire-resistant sectional door

Fireproof sectional gate

Coolfire- OHD-C and OHD-P (EI60, EI90 Fire-rated sectional gate

Coolfire- OHD-C (EI60, EI90) Fire-rated sectional gate

Coolfire-OHD-C fire-rated sectional gate, top-quality, fireproof automatic sectional gate meeting all requirements, designed for daily use (10 000 opening cycles, 5/day opening)


  • The passage between two adjacent rooms, which are bounded by a fire section, can be ensured by using a Fireproof sectional gate
  • It has all the same features that a standard industrial sectional gate
  • Designed for daily use (10 000 opening cycles)
  • It provides heat (OHD-C), sound and safety insulation between two spaces
  • Unlike a sliding gate, it does not require that much side space, so the stacking storage area is larger

Technical data of Coolfire-OHD-C sectional gate

  Coolfire - OHD-C
Certification 1812-CPR-1787
Fire resistance limit E90 - EW90 - EI160 - EI290
Smoke resistance Sa
Min/max width
Min/max height
Min/max surface
1000/ 5175 mm
1000/ 6967 mm
23,5 m2
Application indoor / indoor
outdoor / indoor
Rail guidance
(upper space requirement)
basic horizontal: 1000 – 1500 mm
low: 400 – 999 mm
higlift and also vertical: >1500 mm
Side space requirement 150mm-150mm+drive
Validated cycle test 10.000
Opening speed 6 cm/s
Electric drive 400V, 2,7A, 300-900W
Value of Ud [W/m2K] 1,99 (kültérre is megoldás)
Receiving structure concrete, reinforced concrete, brick,
steel structure + Promat
Size of wicket door -
Function of wicket door -
Door leaf material composite panel
Thickness [mm] 42
Standard colour resembles RAL 9002
Operation of gate in case of fire alarm the gate closes by gravity




  • Openings in the fire section partitioning wall of factories, plants, warehouses, underground garages, through which car and forklift traffic must be provided, where the closed opening is required and gate is subject to daily use.
  • For a facade, where fire protection is a must.


  • Side space requirement 150 mm on both sides,
  • Extra low, low, normal, highlift and vertical rail guidance are all possible

The panels are weather resistant due to the high quality surface preparation. The structures are resemble RAL 9002 colour.

Operation of gate:

  • The gate closes by gravity as a result of a signal given by a fire alarm system.
  • For daily use. It comes with system fittings, cable break protection and with a 400V fail safe chain wheel motor, a safety catch device and a control box.

Optional accessories:

Integrated fire alarm system, optical/acoustic signals, key switches, smoke detectors and also a remote control if it is needed.

Optionally, a set of light curtains can be connected to the control box for safe operation of the door.


  • Audi G25 Győr – Coolfire-Campisa EI60 Fireproof sectional gate
  • Promenade Business Centre– Coolfire-Campisa EI90 Fire-proof sectional gate
  • Tetrapack Budaörs – Coolfire-Campisa EI90 Fireproof sectional gate
  • Ericsson Business Centre– Coolfire-Campisa EI90 Fire-rated sectional gate
  • Mercedes Kecskemét – Coolfire-Campisa EI90 Fireproof sectional gate

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