Fire-resistant sectional door

Fireproof sectional gate

Coolfire-Campisa  EI30, EI90, EI120  Fire-rated sectional gate

Coolfire-Campisa EI30, EI90, EI120 Fire-rated sectional gate

Coolfire-Campisa fire-rated sectional gate, top-quality, fireproof automatic sectional gate meeting all requirements, designed for intensive use (50 000 opening cycles, 25-day opening)


  • The passage between two adjacent rooms, which are bounded by a fire section, can be ensured by using a Fireproof sectional gate
  • It has all the same features that a standard industrial sectional gate
  • Designed for high-traffic, intensive use (50 000 opening cycles)
  • It provides heat, sound and safety insulation between the two rooms
  • Unlike a sliding gate, it does not require side space, so the stacking storage area is larger
  • Also suitable for facades
  • Can be mounted with an fan lights window
  • The Fireproof sliding gate can be replaced - high-speed gate joint structure for the sectional gate

Technical data of Coolfire-Campisa Fireproof sectional gate

Fire rating Applicable width dimensions (mm) Applicable height dimensions (mm) Glazing (mm)
A2 - EI60 2000-6000 2000-5800 1 db 360 x 260
A2 - EI120 2000-6000 2000-5800 1 db 360 x 260
A2 - EI180 3000 3000  


10.92 m²
The applicable larger surface area is subject to personal approval
Opening number 50 thousand, 25 / day for all structures
Rail guidance modes: vertical, low ceiling follower, elevated ceiling follower, eyebrow height min 450 mm



  • Openings in the fire section partitioning wall of factories, plants, warehouses, underground garages, through which car and forklift traffic must be provided, where the closed opening is required and gate is subject to intensive use.
  • For a facade, where the Fireproof is a must.


  • Side space requirement 300 mm on both sides,
  • Upper space requirement minimum 450-700 mm (depending on the size of the gate)
  • Ceiling following and vertical rail guidance are both possible

The panels are weather resistant due to the high quality surface preparation. The structures are standard RAL 7035 coloured.

Gate movement:

  • Static use, the door is raised by the pneumatic-hydraulic drive, which requires a 8-bar pressure provided by a compressor.
  • Intensive use, the door is raised by an electro-hydraulic console with a 400V power supply.

The gate closes automatically with a maximum descent speed of 0.08 m / s. The 12V DC power supply is an optional solution to provide an escape, which can be supplied with an active protection device (obstacle detection, security infared barrier, life protection, panic button as optional equipment). Supplied with this device, it stops or reopens the gate and then continues to close after the obstacle is removed or the person is passed.

Required accessories:

It can be integrated with fire alarm system, radio remote control, radar sensor, induction loop, can be ordered with 1 piece of looking glass (360 × 260 mm)

Fall inhibition, shutter protection


  • Audi G25 Győr – Coolfire-Campisa EI60 Fireproof sectional gate
  • Promenade Business Centre– Coolfire-Campisa EI90 Fire-proof sectional gate
  • Tetrapack Budaörs – Coolfire-Campisa EI90 Fireproof sectional gate
  • Ericsson Business Centre– Coolfire-Campisa EI90 Fire-rated sectional gate
  • Mercedes Kecskemét – Coolfire-Campisa EI90 Fireproof sectional gate

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Horizontal cross-sectionHorizontal cross-section

Vertical rail guidance - Low rail guidanceLow rail guidance
Rear engine mounting
AT min. 450 mm
LV max. 4500 mm

Vertical rail guidance - Normal rail guidanceNormal rail guidance
Maximum Weight 750 Kg

Vertical rail guidance - Vertical rail guidanceVertical rail guidance
AT min. 450 mm
LV max. 4500 mm
Maximum Weight 950 Kg



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