Fire-resistant automatic doors

Fireproof automatic glass doors

COOLFIRE-SAPA 74 automatic Fireproof glassdoor EI30, EI60, EI90*, Sa/Sm

COOLFIRE-SAPA 74 automatic Fireproof glass Door
EI30, EI60, EI90*, Sa/Sm


Fireproof automatic glassdoors


Our incomparable and unique development together with Record Kft. They are custom sized manufactured automatic sliding doors, based around interior aluminium profiles with a section depth of 74 mm, with Record operator, available with EI30, EI60, EI90, Sa/Sm


Fireproof automatic door
Coolfire-SAPA 74
Fire- /
Maximum Size
Single leaf EI30, Sa/Sm 1490 x 2318
Double- leaf EI30, Sa/Sm 2500 x 2500
Single leaf EI60, Sa/Sm 1490 x 2318
Double- leaf EI60, Sa/Sm 2400 x 2400
Double- leaf EI90, Sa/Sm 2400 x 2400
  • Reaction to fire: A2
  • Sound attenuation:42-45 dB (dependent on glazing and type of inserts)

If there is demand only for smoke section borders in a high-traffic door, the Coolfire-Sapa 74 Sm automatic smoke-proof glass door is the right one, the price is better than its fire-rated model, it is not necessary to use fire-resistant glass and other fire-rated assembly fittings.
*The EI90 fireproof automatic sliding door is under assessment, expected to be available in the second half of 2022.



They can be used in public buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, residential buildings, manufacturing buildings, where it is important to be locked while having a high amount of personnel traffic, and where EI30/60/90 fireproof rating and Sa, Sm smoke-proof is required.

It is Class 4 mechanical resistance, which means it is highly rated, highly durable, highly impact resistant. The structure is designed for intensive use, functioning perfectly even in high-traffic facilities.

It cannot be used in evacuation routes.

It can be applied with access control systems


It belongs to the Sapa 74 product range, can be used in full fireproof coverage, can be equipped with single and double leaves, side and skylights.

Surface finishing:

  • The surface of the structure is RAL powder coated with the chosen colour
  • Unique, realistic wood effect surface finishing is also available


  • Clear, safety glazing with high sound attenuation, with requested fire rating


Lock mechanisms/ Mortice Lock:

The doors are kept closed by the operator system, there is no need for extra lock

Other accessories:

In all cases, the doors systems are equipped with a latch protection, a power failure battery and a program switch.

Infrared or radar motion and presence detector, secondary closing protection, key opener, radio remote control.


Operator is silent and for heavy-duty


Due to the special developed control and elements, they communicate with each other interactively, which amongst others it enhances the operational reliability and security . The constant communication of the drive, sensors and control system allows continuous monitoring of the condition of components. The doors can be controlled with a backlit control unit with multiple language settings and has user-friendly menu navigation, for which a code lock or, if required, a key lock option can be selected.

Suitable wall structures / building construction:

It can be built directly into any wall structure (Brick/ concrete/ Aerated concrete/ Mounted plasterboard wall, and can also be installed into our fire-rated portal, glass wall structures.


  • Centre for Budapest Transport BKK - Coolfire-Sapa 74 Fireproof automatic glass door
  • Budapest - LIDL - Coolfire-Sapa 74 Firepoof automatic glass door
  • Centre for Budapest Transport BKK - Coolfire-Sapa 74 Fireproof automatic glass door
  • Sarvar Flextronics Coolfire-Sapa 74 Fireproof automatic glass door
  • Torokszentmiklos CLAAS Coolfire-Sapa 74 Fireproof automatic glass door
  • MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) Vácrátót Coolfire-Sapa 74 Fireproof automatic glass door
  • MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) Vácrátót Coolfire-Sapa 74 Fireproof automatic glass door

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EI60 Automata Toló mérés közben
EI60 Automata Toló mérés közben

Fireproof automatic glass doors vertical sectionFireproof automatic glass doors vertical section

Fireproof automatic glass doors horizontal sectionFireproof automatic glass doors horizontal section



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