Automatic Smoke Curtains, smoke barriers

Automatic smoke curtains, smoke barriers

Automatic smoke curtains, smoke barriers



Our modern, efficient and cost-effective smoke and fire curtain systems provide a solution for the fire and smoke sectioning of high-ceilinged, single-space buildings, replacing traditional structures.



Our product range:


Product Classification Maximum size Permissions
Fixed smoke barrier
Coolfire - Smoke DA-FIX D180, DH30 No limit, on-demand design CE 0370-CPR-2151 , EN12101-1
Automatically closing smoke barrier
Coolfire - Smoke DHA DH180, Sa Only height limit: 10 000 mm CE 370-CPR-1159, EN12101-1
Coolfire - Smoke DA D180, Sa Only height limit: 10 000 mm CE 370-CPR-2151, EN12101-1
Coolfire - Smoke Z accordion D120, DH120, Sa Only height limit: 5 000 mm CE 370-CPR-2151, EN1363-1, 1634-1
Coolfire - Smoke EV escaping D 180, Sa 6,000 x 6,000 mm CE 370-CPR-2151, EN12101-1
Automatic horizontal smoke curtain
Coolfire - Smoke H D120, DH120, Sa 6,000 x 15,000 mm CE 370-CPR-2152, EN12101-1





  • It is fixed and stretched, which can replace a plasterboard smoke barrier. Easy, quick to install, no surface treatment required, competitive price.
  • Automatic, closes only on fire detection. Can also be mounted above a suspended ceiling. It provides a solution where a fixed smoke barrier would take up too much space in the area, disrupting the air space, or where forklifts have to be stacked high.
  • Their special feature is that not only they can be built in one individual line, but also in connectors with applicable angles, even in 90 degrees.
  • Can be used in escape routes.
  • It moves automatically and horizontally, which is suitable for fire-closing halls and horizontal openings, preventing the vertical spread of smoke.
  • Accordion closure, which closes on a horizontal opening, e.g. in the case of escalators.
  • The self-closing curtain range not only meets the classification requirements for smoke barriers(D, DH), it is also suitable for preventing the spread of cold smoke (Sa) in case it closes the entire surface of the opening.



The fabric of the curtain is efficient, fireproof, grey tilt, which can be:

  • Fixed hanging (fixed smoke barrier)
  • stand-by position is rolled-up, in case of fire it deploys automatically creating a curtain or it closes the opening over its entire surface, preventing the spread of smoke

The side guides are components required for suspension and covering, made of galvanized steel. They can be painted in colour on request.


  • Coolfire-Smoke DA-FIX smoke barrier
  • Coolfire-Smoke DA-FIX smoke barrier
  • Coolfire-Smoke DA-FIX smoke barrier
  • Coolfire-Smoke DA-FIX smoke barrier
  • Coolfire-Snoke EV automatic escaping smoke curtain
  • Coolfire-Snoke EV automatic escaping smoke curtain
  • Coolfire-Smoke DH Automatic smoke barrier

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