Smoke-proof glass doors and portals

Smoke glass door section, SAPA 2050 profile system
Smoke glass door section, SAPA 2050 profile system


The smoke-proof glass doors are manufactured by Coolfire Ltd. and are available in custom sizes.

The frames are made of Sapa50 aluminum profiles, the filling is 3 +3 or 4 +4 glued safety glass, steel or aluminum laning panels with 6-33 mm thickness.


Can be single- or double-wing door with side and skylight windows, fixed glass wall, powder coated in any desired RAL colour the client wishes.


For use in public buildings, hospitals, office buildings, residential houses where the Sa, Sm fire and smoke values are required. Mechanical resistance rated in 4 classes, highly resistant, highly durable, highly impact resistant.

  Required accessories:

hydraulic door closer, automatic decaying threshold, panic lock, panic bar or panic latch in the escape routes.


Can be used with access control systems, electronic lock, open magnet.

Product* Fire-, smoke-resistance, and fire protection class Maximum size (mm)
SAPA 2050 single-leaf smoke-proof glass door A2 - Sa, Sm 1300*2475
SAPA 2050 double-leaf smoke-proof glass door A2 - Sa, Sm 2590*2475
Sapa 2050 smoke-proof portal structure (apposable) A2 - Sa, Sm 3220*3220

*=beside/ instead glass it can also be made using solid filling

5020 smoke-proof portal structure vertical section5020 smoke-proof portal structure vertical section

5020 smoke-proof portal structure horizontal section5020 smoke-proof portal structure horizontal section

SAPA-Anti -smoke glass doors and portals references


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