High-speed doors


The Coolfire Ltd. turn over and installed BMP high-speed doors.

The BMP high-speed doors specific:
  • Application area: food industry production halls, packing plant, logistics center, cold store, hangar, clean room (hospital, operating room)
  • Wide assortment, can be designed as an 8/8 m opening or the opening speed can be up to 2.5 m/s
  • Each model electronics is equipped with inverter and encoder, subserve the long-term operation, which is proposed to 1,000,000 cycles
  • Hermetically closed, excellent wind resistance
  • Safe operation, satisfies the most stringent European regulation, protected against closure
  • Reconstructive function, so the panel material by collision is not damaged.
  • Excellent quality, low price category
  • Reliable service background
  • Europen licenses
Choice of colors:

Choice of colors

High-speed doors type Opening speed Closing speed Maximum size Reconstructive function Heat transfer coefficient Escape route Operating cycle
Dynamycroll for facade extra large version 2 m/s 0,8 m/s 8000/8000 mm x   x 1,000,000
Dynamycroll food inox food industry, with stainless steel frame structure 2 m/s 0,8 m/s 4500/4500 mm x   x 1,000,000
Dynamycroll food PE food industry, with plastic frame structure 2 m/s 0,8 m/s 4500/4500 mm x   x 1,000,000
Dynamycroll Frigo2 Cold storeused, with double curtain formation 1,8 m/s 0,8 m/s 4500/4500 mm x 2,52 W/m2K x 1,000,000
Dynamycroll GDO for general use in shops, factories, logistics halls, with subtitle awning 1,5 m/s 0,8 m/s 4500/4500 mm x   x 1,000,000
Dynamycroll CB Clean Room clean room high-speed doors, for hospitals, operating rooms, food industry 1,5 m/s 0,8 m/s 4500/4500 mm x   x 1,000,000

Industrial high-speed doors downloadable documents:

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