Fire rated sectional gate

EI60, EI90, EI120 fire rated sectional gate for high-volume use
EI60, EI90, EI120 fire rated sectional gate for high-volume use


The sectional fire rated gate is unique in the Hungarian building industry, a new and innovative product accredited by ÉMI.

  • Between two neighboring place, which is bounded by fire section ensured through the use of fire-retardant sectioned door the transit
  • Same properties, as a normal sectional industrial gate
  • Designed for intensive use
  • Secure isolation between the two places
  • Heat-, acoustic- and fire protection Secure isolation between the two places
  • No lateral space requirement, unlike sliding door, so the storage is bigger
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Mounted with preview/sight window
  • Can be replaced the fire proof sliding gate-high speed doors common structure for the sectional door

Tracks can be vertical, raised, the gate leaf and trim generally is RAL1024, if required can be ordered in any RAL colour.


factories, hangars, fire compartment separating wall openings of garages, through which car, truck traffic should be provided, where closed-vent is required and the gate is subjected to intensive use.

  Required accessories:

finger protection, fall inhibition , spring break safety, protection during closing.


integrateable fire alarm system, radio remote control, radar sensor, induction loop, can be ordered with 1 view window

Product* Fire resistance Opening width (mm) Opening height (mm) Performance cicles Window dimension mm
Fire resistant sectional gate A2 - EI60 2000-6000 2000-5900 250.000 - 150/daily 1 pcs 360/260
Fire resistant sectional gate A2 - EI120 2000-6000 2000-5900 250.000 - 150/daily 1 pcs 360/260
Maximum size 12.48 m²

The only fire doors suitable for intensive use, like standard industrial doors, thanks to the FIDELITY ® patented system.

Now there is no feed for fire and smoke doors which are only used if fire alarms are enabled. Standard sectional overhead doors, which have also been designed for intensive use, with manual or automatic operation, a normal opening speed of 0.18 now act as fire and smoke doors ONLY in case of alarms or fire breaks out. The standard, closing speed of the doors is of 0.25 m/s and 0.08 m/s in the event of alarms, smoke, fire or black out. After the event, doors can only be restored manually, as set out in the Standard. The system working at 12 V DC is available in case of blackouts.

Please contact us about the production dimensions.

Fireproof sectional doors references:

FGE tuzgatlo szekcionalt kapu EI60 1
FGE tuzgatlo szekcionalt kapu EI60 2
IMG 20140319 145723
wCampisa foto 2
wCampisa foto 3
wCampisa foto 4
wCampisa foto 5
wCampisafire - Production line Img 2729
wCampisafire EI2 60 Img 0334
wCampisafire OH 120 - Img 0406
wCampisafire OH 120 inside car parking - Img 1067

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