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The Coolfire Sailing Team featured very great on the Gate Belight Cup in this year also. The competition held on the Adriatic a week-long. In the end, we succeeded stand on the podium 3rd place. With colleagues, partners and friends of the crew made fun and relaxation and well dragged the ropes. Thank you!

BKK Client center, Deák Ferenc subway station

Complete the new customer center by the BKK at Deák Ferenc subway station, which operates with common entrance and reception the Little Underground Railway Museum.

On the VIP staircase ground floor and second floor has been installed of Coopers in case of fire descending automatic smoke barrier, it was hidden behind suspended ceilings.

Tokaji Fesztiválkatlant handed over to the picturesque surroundings. We were very pleased that we can also contribute to our quality and aesthetic products for building high standards.

We finished with the aluminum fire-resistant glassed frontispiece structures in Szolnok, by the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Elementary School and Constantine Elementary Art School: 2 PCS 6,2/1,7m, 2 PCS 2,6/1,7m és 2 PCS 1,4/1,7m.

The smoke glassed doors wing was opened with a wall magnet, in case of fire the magnet let off, and the hydraulic doorcloser close the the door wing.

It was finished the first stage of the Thermalpool Debrecen.

GE Fót, Fire rated sectional gate

We builded in the fire rated sectional gate with high number opening for hall expansion on the project GE Fót.

Mobis Parts Érd, Fireproof glasses

We handed over the fireproof glasses for the Mobis Parts Érd, 19 pcs in EI60 design.

Successful licensing in Romania

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