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During our developments, we place great emphasis on special, unique solutions preserving the original architectural features of the building. Our present example is the aesthetic closing of an arch above a 90 minutes fire-rated glass door in the hotel lobby in accordance with strict fire protection requirements.

EI60 fire resistant door sliding door

This summer, we successfully tested the EI60 fire resistant glass double sliding automatic sliding door. It can be commercialized in Hungary next to the EI30 construction. Maximum installation dimensions: 2400 * 2400 cm

Szeged Auchan fix Coolfire Bach smoke curtain

We have successfully replaced the hundreds of meters long gypsum plasterboard in the Auchan Szeged department store, a Coolfire Bach type fixed smoke curtain made of special tarpaulin. The advantage is that it can be mounted directly on the ceiling, does not require a support structure, does not require surface treatment.

Unique development in Hungary!

We started to develop the EI 60 fire-resistant automatic glass door, with Record automatic opertor. The wings made from Sapa Thermo 74 aluminium frame. First measurement test was successful, the operator has been mounted against the fire side. We will test the other side of the construction in February. The values are great, the structure resisted more than 70 minutes on the fire! It is a unique development in Hungary!

Austrian certifications

We have been granted permits in Austria. The following products are available: EI30 one and double leaf glass doors, EI30 automatic glass door, EI30 - EI60 - EI90 fix windows.

Fireproof skylight of the British School of Budapest

Successfully finished with a fireproof skylight of the British School of Budapest in the III. district.

The special feature is that, the system made from aluminium profiles, it’s a double wing door with full insert. The open magnet is fitted with hidden wiring at the bottom of the structure. The hydraulic door closer what we used, it can be enable nearly 180-degree opening.

The Coolfire Ltd. has developed a unique fireproof windows product-family for facade in Europe. We made EW60 and EW90 version, with various operation, fixed, tilt- and turn, and manually from aluminium profiles.

National Instruments Debrecen Science Park

Completed one of the most sophisticated science park of Hungary in Debrecen. The National Instruments Science Park Debrecen is in 6000 square-meter facility, we produced and installed an EI 60-minutes Sapa Thermo74 portal structure portal, designed for intensive use.

Debrecen Thermal Spa reconstruction

We produced and installed more than 200 square-meter of fire resistant glass structure by the reconstrution of the Debrecen Thermal Spa: facade EI30, EI60 windows, EI30 curtain wall system with fire resistant glass roof.

We were pleased to specific solutions, quality products have contributed to this high-quality project.

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