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We were delighted to be involved in the creation of a modern facility that will contribute to the cultural development of the region for decades as an intellectual workshop and theatre, while also providing a space for contemporary art.

Coolfire-Sapa EI90 Fireproof glass door and portal with fire-rated heat insulating glazing

Coolfire-BR EI120 Frameless fire-rated glass wall system

With the possibility of a variety of our fire retardant curtains and their wide range of applications, we have managed to find a solution for several fire protection closures in MFC, which is sure a modern and unique architectural work even in Europe.

Coolfire fire-retardant structures have been used to replace the fire sections delimited by larger surface area frame-filling walls, while complying with fire-fighting regulations, to increase space and provide natural light:

Refined fire protection in Pillar

The main attraction of Pillar office is that the purely functional system fits harmoniously into the human scale, friendly environment.

Unique smoke proof solution in the Etele Plaza Budapest

Coolfire-Smoke Z Sa smoke curtain

Coolfire fireproof solutions at the Hungexpo Budapest

Coolfire-Sapa 74 EI60 fireproof glazed door and portal

Coolfire - LT fire-resistant glazed ceiling REI60

With high frequency the glazed fire-rated doors and windows are installed in high-traffic facilities and their corridors, and considering the weight and intensive use the selection of these structures should take into account service life, service and manufacturer background, licenses, developments, tests.

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